Stored procedures with output parameters - Part 19

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we will learn about, creating stored procedures with output parameters.

To create an SP with output parameter, we use the keywords OUT or OUTPUT. @EmployeeCount is an OUTPUT parameter. Notice, it is specified with OUTPUT keyword. 
Create Procedure spGetEmployeeCountByGender
@Gender nvarchar(20),
@EmployeeCount int Output
Select @EmployeeCount = COUNT(Id) 
from tblEmployee 
where Gender = @Gender

To execute this stored procedure with OUTPUT parameter

1. First initialise a variable of the same datatype as that of the output parameter. We have declared @EmployeeTotal integer variable. 
2. Then pass the @EmployeeTotal variable to the SP. You have to specify the OUTPUT keyword. If you don't specify the OUTPUT keyword, the variable will be NULL
3. Execute

Declare @EmployeeTotal int
Execute spGetEmployeeCountByGender 'Female', @EmployeeTotal output
Print @EmployeeTotal

If you don't specify the OUTPUT keyword, when executing the stored procedure, the @EmployeeTotal variable will be NULL. Here, we have not specified OUTPUT keyword. When you execute, you will see '@EmployeeTotal is null' printed.

Declare @EmployeeTotal int
Execute spGetEmployeeCountByGender 'Female', @EmployeeTotal
if(@EmployeeTotal is null)
Print '@EmployeeTotal is null'
Print '@EmployeeTotal is not null'

You can pass parameters in any order, when you use the parameter names. Here, we are first passing the OUTPUT parameter and then the input @Gender parameter.

Declare @EmployeeTotal int
Execute spGetEmployeeCountByGender @EmployeeCount = @EmployeeTotal OUT, @Gender = 'Male'
Print @EmployeeTotal

The following system stored procedures, are extremely useful when working procedures.
sp_help SP_Name : View the information about the stored procedure, like parameter names, their datatypes etc. sp_help can be used with any database object, like tables, views, SP's, triggers etc. Alternatively, you can also press ALT+F1, when the name of the object is highlighted.

sp_helptext SP_Name : View the Text of the stored procedure

sp_depends SP_Name : View the dependencies of the stored procedure. This system SP is very useful, especially if you want to check, if there are any stored procedures that are referencing a table that you are abput to drop. sp_depends can also be used with other database objects like table etc.

Note: All parameter and variable names in SQL server, need to have the @symbol.


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