Part 98 - What is JavaScript minification

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What is JavaScript minification?
JavaScript minification is the process of reducing the size of JavaScript file, by removing comments, extra white spaces, new line characters and using shorter variable names.

What are the advantages of JavaScript minification?
As the minified JavaScript files are very small, they will be downloaded much faster and consumes less bandwidth. Search engines like google considers page load time as one of the parameters to rank the pages.

Is any of the functionality lost because of minification?
No, the functionality will be exactly the same as before.

Are there any tools available to minify JavaScript?
There are lot of free tools available on the web. Just GOOGLE by using "Minify JavaScript" search term.

What is the difference between jquery.js and jquery.min.js?
jquery.min.js is the minified version, where as jquery.js is the non-minified version. In your production website always use minified files as they download faster and consumes less bandwidth.

What is the downside of JavaScript minification?
They are harder to read and debug. However, for development and debugging we can use non-minified versions. Just before deployment, minify and use the minified versions on the production environment.


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