Part 75 - RequireHttps attribute in mvc

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we will discuss RequireHttps attribute. 

[RequireHttps] attribute forces an unsecured HTTP request to be re-sent over HTTPS. Let's understand [RequireHttps] attribute with an example.

Step 1: Create an asp.net mvc4 application using "Empty" template

Step 2: Add a HomeController. Copy and paste the Login() action method in the HomeController.
public string Login()
    return "This method should be accessed only using HTTPS protocol";

Step 3: Try to navigate to http://localhost/MVCDemo/Home/Login. Notice that you are automatically redirected to https://localhost/MVCDemo/Home/Login. So, [RequireHttps] attribute, forces an HTTP request to be re-sent over HTTPS.
RequireHttps Attribute in mvc

RequireHttps attribute can be applied on a controller as well. In this case, it is applicable for all action methods with in that controller.

Sensitive data such as login credentials, credit card information etc, must always be transmitted using HTTPS. Information transmitted over https is encrypted.


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